The Domaine

Our Domaine, spotted on the cadastre of Napoleon, dates back to the middle age. It used to be an outbuilding of the medieval Château of Coquin. This Château no longer exists but we can see vestiges of its construction.

Etymology :
In French "Coquin" means naughty and tease In ancient French : land «Coquine» meant ingrate land, tough to plough or coax. “Coquin” could also have its origin in the strategic location of the Estate, situated at the top of the hill, a place not easy to besiege.

Domaine de Coquin welcomes you for a tasting:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday : 9h - 12h | 14h - 18h
Wednesday :9h - 12h | 14h30 - 18h
Saturday :10h - 12h | 14h30 - 18h
Closed on bank holidays. 

Exceptional Closed  :  26th of December 2018 and 2nd of January 2019.

It's possible to visit the cellar by appointment. Groups are welcomed (maxi 40 persons).

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