The vines of Domaine de Coquin are located on three villages out of the ten villages of the appellation : Menetou Salon, Parassy, Vignoux sous les Aix. Scaling the calcareous clay slopes of a succession of hills, the soil is planted with two of the most prestigious grape varieties : Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot noir, The geological formation of our soils dates from the Kimmeridgian era. It is composed of limestone of sedimentary origin. Everywhere on the slopes of our hills, one can observe the so-called “Oreilles de poule” (hen ears), small comma-shapped oysters.

Our red and white Menetou-Salon are planted on the terroirs of three villages :

  • Menetou-Salon plots : “Clos de Gentonnes”, “Clos des Barres” and “Clos de Bonnefond”. Cuvée Mathilde is issued from the oldest vines selected from Clos de Bonnefond
  • Vignoux sous les Aix “Clos de Coquin” and “Clos de St Pierre”
  • Parassy “Clos de la Loge” and “Clos de la Montaloise” pillar of Cuvée Héloïse
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The South – South-West exposure, quite the same in all our plots brings a plentyful sunshine useful to the complete ripening of the grapes. Depending on its maturity level, each plot is separately harvested then vinified.

After tasting, the must is blended in order to produce more complex wines. Indeed, the must vividness and freshness combined with grape's matter and must's roundness, confers a wide diversity of colors and tastes to the wine.
Hence, the entire process, from the vine to the wine no longer follows systematic operations. So that field observations of the vegetative vine growth is necessary before any intervention.

We are much concerned by an integrated viticulture, responsible and respectful of nature and environment. At the winery, we cultivate grass cover crop and soil ploughing. This is to conjugate the potential of the terroir and our commitment in ecosystems. The family is much sensitive and involved in eco-attitude.

Once, Héloise et Mathilde, my daughters, may ask me if the wine is still an healthy beverage. So, we have to preserve its vertues. The final product is a fragile and necessary balance between human needs and mother nature.

Vigneron indépendant